canada house photo

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Design Architect Nick Milkovich Architects Inc.
Design Consultant Arthur Erickson
Production Architect LDYW Architects
Date 2009
Size West Building - 106,100 square feet
East Building - 55,750 square feet

Canada House residential buildings were the home of the Canadian Olympic Team during the 2010 Games. The buildings are located on the waterfront at the north-west corner of the Millennium Water development on South East False Creek in Vancouver. The site is bounded by bicycle and pedestrian trails on three sides and the artery Athletes Way on the south side, which is the only vehicular access to the site. The complex is divided into two volumes located along the east and west boundaries of the land.

The distribution of the program into two separate buildings created a large sunny courtyard with a reflecting pool and a light sculpture. The court is the unifying element of the project and serves as access for pedestrians and vehicles.

The sculptural volumes of the two buildings is caused by the rotation of the floors from one floor to another. This movement allows for greater sunshine in the garden to the west of the site and reduces shadows on the nearby bike path. The dynamic silhouette of the buildings is enhanced by the coating of glass and stainless steel fish scales that senses light and creates interesting shadows.

This building is LEED© Gold Certified.

LEED Gold Certified Canada House located at 2010 olympic village view looking across the water in false creek, vancouver, bc, designed by nick milkovich architects
photograph of east side of tall building at canada house located in the 2010 olympic athletes village, vancouver, bc designed by nick milkovich architects
detail photograph of fish scale facade, stainless steel and glass panels at canada house, vancouver, bc, canada
space between the two canada house buildings at the 2010 olympic village on false creek in vancouver, bc, designed by nick milkovich architects
east building balconies at canada house located at millennium water on false creek south in vancouver
detail of LEED Gold certified Canada House showing stainless steel fish scale facade cladding designed by nick milkovich architects
stainless steel cladding at canada house residential building at 2010 athletes village in vancouver, canada, designed by nick milkovich architects
canada house sketch by nick milkovich showing the twisting form of the building, vancouver, bc, canada
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