lanyon phillips communications photo

Lanyon/Phillips Communications
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Architects Arthur Erickson with Nick Milkovich Architects
Date 1998
Size 9,500 square feet

Lanyon/Phillips Communications was a non-traditional advertising agency that had a more holistic approach to solving client's problems. The objective for their new office space was to build a stimulating working environment which would promote creative thinking. They wanted their clients and visitors to sense who they are when they experience the space.

image of lobby of interior design project for large advertising company including triangular benches filled with bubble wrap and lit from below in vancouver canada
interior of advertising agency in pan pacific office building in vancouver designed by nick milkovich architects with arthur erickson
interior design project for advertising agency in vancouver image showing reception desk and conference rooms in vancouver bc
interior design of a large advertising agency in vancouver
conference room walls made of polygol provide privacy while allowing light to penetrate the room
floor plan of large advertising agency in vancouver bc, interior design by nick milkovich architects with arthur erickson design consultant
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